The Hotel:

For All, For Always

We have been brought up on family trips to the Lake District. Spent decades piling into cars from all corners of the country, loaded up with muddy wellies, cheese sandwiches and the dog. It means a lot to us, from William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter to the family down the road.

This has always been a place for everyone, no matter who you are or where you’re from. Rich and poor. Northern and Southern. Families, couples and groups. Whatever your background, you’re welcome here.

This is where memories are made. The untouched, outstanding beauty of nature paired with a quintessential Britishness is a reminder of simpler times.

Where lazy breakfasts and long walks are followed by afternoon tea, and hours are whiled away getting lost in thought, looking across Lake Windermere.

But don’t expect some kind of time warp. We don’t buy into faux-formal dining and strict breakfast timings. When you stay with us, it’s on your terms. There’s nothing stuffy about our hotel. We offer a laid back lakeside experience, with an inspired twist.

No matter who you are, you’re invited to our hotel in the heart of Bowness. We welcome locals and those from further afield. Young families and retired couples. Excitable dogs and their owners. Solo travellers and big groups arriving on buses.

We’re open all day, to all!