As we all live more divergent and peripatetic lives, Christmas is the shared experience that brings us together, that gives us a common purpose and shared rituals.

Like millions of others, we participate in holiday rituals, such as The Ro’s lobby Christmas tree, Our Gingerbread House, and a tun of festive celebrations for you all to be a part of.

Those of us at The Ro are blessed to have many guests during the holidays that bring the magic of the season right to our workplace. It reminds us that this is a time for filling our lives with friends, family, food, gift giving and celebration.

We hope to welcome you to The Ro this festive season, whether is be to enjoy a Festive Afternoon Tea with Mum, a hot coco and slice of cake with a friend or Christmas Day dinner with all the family – we’ll see you all very soon.


Lots of love

The Ro xox

For All, For Always 

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The Ro at Christmas